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    Lyndy is an internationally established country western dance instructor, choreographer, & DJ who was born and raised here on Long Island.  With over 29 years of experience, he is among the longest tenured country western dance instructors on the eastern seaboard. 

    During these years he has made multiple television appearances including on the Nashville Networks “Club Dance - White Horse Café”, TNNs talk show “Nashville Now”, and on the “Wild Horse Saloon” where he led 40 fellow Long Islanders to perform a spotlight dance of his own choreography.  Lyndy recently appeared on the TV show "The Americans" on the FX Channel (Season six, episodes 1 & 4).  He was enlisted to teach the shows cast and extras to country dance and can be seen dancing with the stars of the show in those scenes in the episodes.

     Lyndy has organized and directed many stage performances including appearances at Hunter Mountains “Country Music Fest” in NY, Opryland Park in Nashville and on the Tomorrow Land stage in Walt Disney World, Orlando.  When Billy Ray Cyrus recorded “Achy Breaky Heart”, Polygram records sponsored a national “Achy Breaky” line dance contest which was won by Lyndy and his partner.  

    He has appeared at more than 50 dance weekend & vacation workshops through the years and continues to be Long Islands most accomplished country western dance instructor, DJ,& choreographer.